My dedication to animals was sparked by my kin. The main influence that helped me channel my dedication to animals and healing abilities to care for them was my Great Aunt. She cared for so many animals in her home town Chicago, mostly strays that she would find abandoned near her two flat she owned. 

          She also rescued many from the shelters that were destined to be destroyed, participated in the trap/neuter programs and I would help her. The Tree House (for cats) and formally known as the Humane Society of Chicago now called The Anti- Cruelty Society was where she would go sit and talk to the animals. Abandoned cats and dogs lived happily in her large enclosed back porch in a two flat she owned on the south side of Chicago. Visiting my Aunt was fun because I knew there would be at least a new cat living there. 

      A typical day at her house when we would stay over: 4 am procedures consisting of mopping, scooping up poop from the cat section, sweeping, and laying down fresh newspapers. The cats would deliver some cat licks, rubbing up against us, occasional love skippity paps and lots of purring. For the dogs, the same cleaning applied to them and I provided daily exercise.

       Fast forward to adulthood I became the "cat lady" first. I took in strays, cleaned them up picking off my share of ticks, and fleas. I cared for sick cats and nursed them back to health. I aided in many animal births including from my old cat name Mami. She had three of the cutest kittens. I was a proud grandma. When they were older I found them all forever homes.

      As any dedicated pet parent know we strive to provide a life of love, happiness, and good health for our pets. We are also aware of what our pets provide to our well being which is truly unconditional. Our pets are considered family, and are essential to our life. 

    I built this business to be included as an extra helping hand in day to day obligations for pet parents. We all experience situations in life happen beyond our control at times and it isn't always easy to manage either. I also read/hear so many stories of pet parents giving up due to many reasons they have no control of resulting in abandonment, neglect of animals. Others will heinously abuse their pets. I want pet parents to feel good, to know they have someone when they need a break, vacation, work, moved and tragedy in their life. 

    One name that I am called the most is the "Animal Whisperer"-a title some of my clients call me today. I am also called Pet Nanny, Mama Desla and Auntie Desla to your little ones. Whatever the name these animals know they are in good hands and they have the ultimate loving pack leader.

        Looking forward to meeting you and your little ones soon! For my regulars thank you for your trust and dedication to me.



Moment To Pawz LLC Pet Service is dedicated to my Great Aunt (Aunt Edythe) the first Animal  Whisperer.