Moment To Pawz Pet Service is an established and well- loved pet sitting/dog day care/dog walking business, and we are seeking exceptional dog walkers to add to our exceptional staff.

Monday through Sunday

Daily Dog Walker (7am-11am and 2pm-6pm)


Dog Walks Pet Service needed in these areas:

South Beach, Bay Shore, Mid- Beach, Normandy Isles, Biscayne Point, Surf side, Bal Habour Island, Sunny Isles, and Hollywood. 

*Note* If you don't live in these areas but know that your area may need this pet service feel free to discuss this with the Owner during your interview if you are chosen

Ideal Candidate: Please understand that this job is NOT for those who cannot stand getting dirty and smelling like the lovely dog clients we provide care for everyday. If this is you DO NOT seek a position with us.  

Someone who is looking for supplemental income (has a FT job and is looking for PT work)

- Retired individuals/Stay at home moms/Someone with flexibility/care deeply for animals

- We are looking for individuals who absolutely deeply LOVE animals!  We are looking for the super animal lovers. Slobber, dog hair, dirt, pee, poop, and vomit are all included,will get on you, you will have to touch it and clean it up, so if you are squeamish or really don’t enjoy getting dirty or being outdoors THIS JOB IS NOT FOR YOU.


- Have previous experience with animals whether it be your own or from previous work experience. Must have references!

- You MUST be responsible and honest. You will be entering clients’ homes and dealing with their pet(s) which means you will be responsible not only for their pet(s) but the customers belongings as well.

- Someone who is organized, detail-oriented, punctual and has a flexible schedule.  We deal with many pets who require medications or have special diets and must be handled accordingly responsibly. Being punctual is IMPERATIVE as one late visit in your schedule could back up your entire schedule which in turn means dogs don’t get out when they need to and have accidents in their homes which you have to clean up!

- Have excellent customer service skills and are great with people. (Just because we work with animals doesn’t mean we don’t also work with their owners… happy dog(s) equals happy owners, unfortunately our furry friends can’t pay the bills!)

- Must be patient and able to deal with pets of all temperaments and sizes (i.e dogs that love pulling, chewing, jumping or barking)


                                     Job Requirements:

  • Must 21 years or older

  • Must have reliable transportation (Car, Scooter, bike OK) car insurance is required 

  • Must have a smartphone (texting and internet capabilities)

  • Must LOVE ANIMALS with all your heart

  • Must have a FLEXIBLE schedule (for last minute reservations)

  • Must be available to work weekends and holidays

  • Must be OK with dog walking in the RAIN and HOT temperatures

  • Must be punctual, organized and manage time well

  • Must be detail oriented (for pets with medications, special diets or special needs)

  • Must have a reliable laptop/computer

  • Must be able to easily pass a Drug/Physiological/background check


Next step:

Print and fill out the (PDF) application, and in 50 words or less, explain why you would be the perfect person for this job. Also please include the days/hours you are available and your location. You MUST include in the packet 4 real references (no relatives, friends, partners we do check) their full name (1st and last name) phone numbers, name of the dog(s) that were in your care. Scan and email us back the packet with everything we asked for at

Background checks click here: 


If we need something else we will email you.  



The Owner will contact you DO NOT contact us about your application! Thank you look forward to you being apart of the pack. 

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