Bebo and Louie on a walk

"It feels good to know that we have made a great impact on your life as a pet parent and your pets, because your pets have truly made an impact on our life. Running a business is not easy, not to mention running it alone isn't fun, because there are major parts in this business that have to be done right in order for this business to run successfully smooth. Success to us is how we continue to build and maintain trust as a whole unit. We take pride in our Pet Services, the dedication and knowledge to set the standard in all we provide for each pet is a must. This is a relative/family/kin owned small business, ever expanding so we can reach dogs and cats everywhere.  

Introducing some AMAZING people that have pushed through it, assisted, stayed up long hours, simply helped keep this business flourishing from the inside out and your pets already know love and trust."


Earl has an innate connection to animals which started from his Grandmother. Animals just know he is a born pack leader, gentle soul, animals love to lay literally under his feet and you can tell they feel safe with him. 

He has been Dog Walking professionally for 6 years, he is the super thinker in the pack.


Consistency and Leadership are his biggest qualities that stand out in how he helps this business stay afloat. He is also our chemist, creating all the Natural Cream body products for dogs and cats for us as well.  


He is a natural-born teacher as an Instructor in the Art of Capoeira teaching at Ironlife Athletics LLC and a mixed martial artist in training when he is not walking your pets. 


Moment To Pawz LLC Pet Service is very lucky to have him around. You will too!!!


donavan/dog walkeR/PET SITTER
     creative genius! 


Donavan loves dogs and cats it's just something about the differences in their personality and how each one shows love. His mother was the "cat lady" back home all his life, so he learned how to provide care for cats and find forever homes for each one.

Passion and Dedication are what he brings to the pack which is amazing for the dogs in our care. Animals gravitate to him like a magnet. He has been Dog Walking/Pet Sitting professionally for 6 years. 

He is a natural creator, owns a Podcast called Boast Society with a co-host Nap. Fun and serious dialogue that will have the young generation on a self-reflective journey. He is a songwriter for numerous artists and his own music is published online. He also does social media marketing for us. 


Moment To Pawz LLC Pet Service brings the loves, cuddles, and fun for your pet(s) and so will he. 







5 STAR VERIFIED STAY: "Wow! How can I say this? Moment to Pawz is very excellent! Pet service I boarded my 18-month-old dog chewy with Moment to pawz . And I was happy with the way Desla took care of him. She even taught my dog chewy new command's while he was in her care. I knew this was the right place to keep my dog. Why? Because when I came to pick my dog up he was happy to see me but! He wanted to stay with moment to paws lol he was not ready to come back home. I blame the doggy longe moment to paws has lol! I give moment to paws 5 Star's I recommend moment to paws service to everyone." 



5 STAR VERIFIED STAY: "Very happy with Sasha's first dog-sitting experience. Desla took great care of her, and sent pictures and videos documenting her stay. Will definitely use her again!"


5 STAR VERIFIED STAY: "Desla provides an immaculate, warm, nurturing and safe environment for all her "babies". Zac comes home bathed and refresh from each stay. My family jokes that it's more like "doggy-spa". The daily photos and videos also make the separation anxiety more tenable. Moment to Pawz gets "two thumbs up"! 


5 STAR VERIFIED DOG STAY:" She made my dog feel very happy, and I can tell they both were having lots of fun. Desla is great with dogs, and I can tell that beyond care, she gave lots of love."


5 STAR VERIFIED STAY : “Desla is absolutely the best! My family was away for spring break and this would be Cookie's first time with a pet sitter. Desla really went above and beyond! We received daily pictures and videos. She enjoyed the dog park and the interaction with other dogs in Desla's care. Desla treated her like her own pet. Her love of animals is simply unsurpassed. Cookie was in good care and she really enjoyed her vacation. Now, every time I go away, she is the first person I call! Hire her today! You will not be disappointed!!”


5 STAR YELP VERIFIED STAY: " My boyfriend and I planned a last minute trip to Miami. We live in Orlando. We do not like to stay with friends or family. As dog parents we want to know that our dog is being cared for in a way that we care for her on a daily basis. His cousin was in town so we figured we could take our dog with and find someone to watch her down there. I did some research and found Moment To Pawz. I called with some questions.Desla and I ended up talking on the phone for almost 15 minutes. She really wanted to get to know my dog and me. It just felt right. She made me feel comfortable with the fact that this was a last minute setup. We dropped Belle off and got to meet the other dogs and Desla's son (he was also so respectful and kind). The few days we were in Miami Desla sent us videos and pictures of Belle. One of the days was a beautiful day out, and Desla took the dogs to running around playing with the other dogs. She ever got Belle to comfortably play in a t-shirt!. We can never get her to wear clothes so that was amazing on it's own. It's really a shame we found someone so wonderful so far away. The love Desla and her family has for animals is incredibly comforting, and we are already planning our next visit to Miami so Belle can see Desla and her friends again! We highly recommend leaving your pet with Desla the next time you find yourself in need of a dog sitter. It's guaranteed piece of mind, and your animal gets a wonderful vacation while you're away! " 

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