MAMAS                                                                                       CUTE                                               FREELOADERS

I am a mama of three of the cutest, little privileged freeloaders ever. No seriously these little ones are my life, attached to the hip, and never going anywhere until its their time. I do everything in my power to maintain their existence and trust. I need them and they know it and trust and believe they take full advantage, they keep me on my toes. Each one of them has a different personality, little sneaky greedy butts is what they all have in common and I love that they get along. These three will come together for the greater good of eating you out of house and home. They have formed a way to gang up any one with food and try to use their cuteness to get what they want including belly rubs. 


Samba (dachshund Terrier Mix) she is the queen of greedy was a six month pet client and her father surrendered her to me she's sweet, shy, loves being outdoors.  Indigo (American Short hair Tabby) a rescue at three weeks old, skittish, cuddle bug, very curious and also a greedy butt especially if you have fish and chicken. He has the nerve to be a picky eater.  Buddy aka Crumb Snatcher (Mini Yorkshire Terrier) Elder Dog Rescue, he is Mr Bossy, busy body literally, protective, and another greedy butt he's a crumb scavenger so don't drop anything. 


This store is to show off my loves, their personalities and share a little piece of what brings me joy.....with you. 

Every time you purchase merch a percentage goes to these companies Moment To Pawz LLC Pet Service Respects that dedicate their life, money and energy to saving animals. Whether its finding animals healthy forever homes, providing medical care, doing the dirty work of rescuing these animals off the streets, illegal breeders you name it. These companies I have personal relationships with and know that our donations will definitely be put to good use. 


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