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Updated proper documents before booking. Read Policies!

*Please note if you have cats at the home there is a service fee of $10.00 added to your invoice for each litter box cleaning.*                                          


 Small/ Medium dogs 2lbs - 40lbs

  $18 per walk 20 mins & 30 mins                                                                    $20 per walk 40 mins 

  $5 per walk for each additional 

     dog(s) from the household

 Holiday Rate: $10 added per walk/per walk additional dogs 



  Puppy Rate 4 months to 11 months old

 $25 per walk 20 mins  & 30 mins                                                                 $30 per walk 40 mins 

 $15 per walk for each additional puppies

      from the same household

 Holiday Rate: $10 added per walk/per walk additional dogs



 Big Dogs 50 lbs+ (All ages) 

 $40 per walk 20 mins & 30 mins                                                                 $45 per walk 40 mins 

 $20 per walk for each additional Big dog(s)

   from the same household

 Holiday Rate: $10 added per walk/per walk additional dogs








Your dog(s) look forward to having someone that cares about them, take them for walks, and provide their necessities for life. Dogs value consistency in their daily routines and what better way to have a trusted animal lover provide that service for you while you are away. 

This service is great for big dogs, dogs with severe separation anxiety, senior dogs, dogs that aren't socialized but behave well with humans, and parents that prefer their dogs to stay in their own home while they are away. 

Updated proper documents before booking! Read Policies!


  Small/ Medium dogs 2 lbs-40 lbs

   $22 per night 

   $18 per night for additional dog(s) from the same household

   Holiday Rate: $30 per night dogs/ $25 per night additional dogs





  Puppy Rate 5 months to 11 months old

   $28 per night  

   $22 per night for an additional puppy(s) from the same household

   Holiday Rate: $30 per night puppies/$25 per night additional puppies








Your dog(s) play, sleep, and eat in safe gated dog play area. This is great for dogs that need socialization, are well socialized, senior dogs and energetic dogs. Their area is safe, gated, clean with all their necessities all in one place for their comfort. You the pet parent can rest well knowing your dogs are in good hands while you are away. 

Pick up your 10 day bundle card during booking or drop off!


Updated proper documents before booking! Read Policies!


 Small/ Medium dogs 2 lbs-40 lbs

  $17 per day  

  $15 per day for additional dog(s) from the same household

  Holiday Rate: $27 per day dog(s)/$25 per day Additional Dog(s) 








 Puppy Rate 5 months to 11 months old

  $25 per day 

  $22 per day for additional puppy(s) from the same household

  Holiday Rate: $27 per day puppies/$25 per day Additional puppies







This Pet Service is similar to Day Care for children. You drop your dog(s) off for a fun day of walks, sniffs, dog park fun and rest. When you are done for the day or half the day you pick up your happy dog(s). They receive treats, fun social time with their friends while you handle your day to day activities. This is great for energetic dogs, dogs that need socialization but does not display aggression, well socialized dogs, and dogs with mild anxiety. Dog(s) need daily social time and exercise with other dogs which is stimulating for their well-being  and yours too, we promote that here. We receive daily cuddles so its win win!

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