New Client's:

It's important we have a consultation before booking. Its a great for us to meet you and your pet(s) so make sure you read our policies for  New Clients.   

We create the best pet service plan for your pet(s) with your help. Honesty, teamwork and effective communication from you is very important to us. 

Wouldn't you rather know if we are the best Pet Service provider for your pet(s) during our Consultation?   *NOTE* Cat Visits Pet Service are for Florida Local residents ONLY! 


Hours of service

Monday - Friday: 8am to 9pm 

Saturday-Sunday: 9am to 9pm


   Moment to Pawz LLC Pet Service Miami Beach provide a peaceful, safe, and nurturing space for each pet client. We understand how important it is for you (pet parent) to trust, and be able to handle day to day obligations with peace of mind, and ease.

    Moment To Pawz LLC Pet Service constantly strives to maintain healthy teamwork with our parents. We are dedicated to providing your pet(s) with the best and to be able to do that we have to understand that most things about our pets are not always perfect as much as we want others to believe, and certain things aren't deal breakers either. We must keep in mind their background story i.e. abuse, neglect and genetics etc. 

    Minor information that's important to know about you pet(s): marking the house, mild or high nervousness, high energy pet(s) requiring exercise, anti-social, mild separation anxiety and very mild aggression (i.e food, toy). Do you have specific care guide for your pet? What procedures do you take for your dog's behavior? I.e Training. 

     Major information that is VERY important to know about your pet(s): Psychological issues, Pre existing Illnesses, Physical ailments, Allergies, Bronchial Issues and Current/Past/Future Surgeries, Severe Injuries (I.e Spinal, Arthritis, Broken bones etc.) especially providing care for particular breeds.  

    Severe Separation anxiety- What level of anxiety? Mild or severe? What are your procedures to control the seizures? Are they on medication? We do administer medication of all kinds. I.e Oral, injection

    Aggression-Does your pet(s) bite/fight other dogs/humans? 

All of this information will determine our professional relationship and your pet(s) level of comfort during our meet and greet session.    

    Keep in mind too that we are a family ran business and we have neighbors that totally respect the work that we provide and while providing care for your pet(s) the NEED to respect them too is imperative.  

                                                           Lets see if we are a good fit! 

                                                  Lets schedule a consultation today!  





        PET SERVICE  


                No matter where you live we are here!



disclaimer: We are not responsible for your pet(s) not wanting  to go home when you pick them up and getting waaay too excited when you bring them to us/we visit them or simply just say our name.

Sorry not sorry


To get pricing, please call us at

(786)-471-2690 or reach out to To book services,fill out the pet request form below. Make sure you have had your consultation before booking Pet Service.

Please NOTE* for Dog Walks/Cat Visit Pet Service areas of service: North Bay Village, Normandy Isles/Shores, Crespi blvd, and Surf side


This is your dog(s) second home for the duration of the time you are away. They sleep, eat, and play in the safe, clean and gated doggie lounge area. Whether you cage your pet(s) or not we have plenty of tools that fit your pet(s) personality/behavior for their comfort. Some dogs enjoy relaxing in their sacred space from the other dogs, some dogs are not that social at all but enjoy the lounge. Some dogs are the life of the party so we have plenty for them get into. Cuddles, lovins, and naps are all go down in this very area. This service is great for dogs that need to be socialized, are well socialized, senior dogs and energetic dogs.


We provide great Pet Care for your Furry Pups but we cannot forget our Furry Felines. Though cats seem to be independent and aloof they really do enjoy company. The excitement and attachment cats display when a Cat Visitor is available to them is amazing even to scared cats. That company has to be consistent, and caring because some cats are not big on rapid changes in their environment. This service provides that consistency/care for your cat(s), they receive cuddles, fresh water, food litter.  We even provide fun stimulating safe toys to play with them unless they just want to cuddle..cuddling is definitely good. Let us be the consistency /care they need and cuddles can't forget the cuddles i'm just saying.  


Your dog(s) look forward to having someone that can provide daily exercise and attention on a consistent basis. So what better way to have a trusted and dedicated Pet Service while you are away. 

This service is great for big dogs, and Puppies starting out into the world, senior dogs where it would be more comfy in their home, dogs with severe separation anxiety, dogs that aren't well socialized with other dogs but behave well with humans, and parents that would prefer their dogs to stay in comfort of their own home while they are away. Plus your pet(s) gets to receive our undivided attention now that is special.  

Your pet(s) will thank you!



This Pet Service is similar to Day Care for children. You drop your dog(s) off for a fun day of walks, sniffs, fun social time, while you handle day to day activities. When you are done for the day or half the day you pick up your happy and well socialized dog(s). This is great for energetic dogs, dogs that need socialization but does not display severe aggression, well socialized dogs, lap dogs (plenty of lap space) and dogs with mild anxiety. Dog(s) need daily social time and exercise with other dogs which is very stimulating for their well-being and yours too, we promote that here. We receive daily cuddles so its win-win for all of us with plenty of lap space!




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5 STAR VERIFIED STAY: " Desla was wonderful. From first meeting her, I felt like my dog was staying with a friend that I trusted. She kept me updated everyday with pictures and videos of my dog. She has a huge heart for dogs that is clearly visible. I will definitely be using her again if needed."


5 STAR VERIFIED STAY: "Desla is amazing! Very happy to have such a wonderful person taking care of my Fluffy. Communication was good and loving on our Cocker Spaniel. Loved all the photos she sent and can’t wait for her to take care of Fluffy again!"



5 STAR VERIFIED STAY: "Desla was amazing with my dog, she took great care of him! She provided peace of mind while I was out of town, my pet was in great hands! Thank you for looking after him, will definitely rebook in the future!"


5 STAR VERIFIED STAY: "Desla was great, she sent us daily photo/video updates and took care of our puppy like it was her own while we were away on vacation. This was our first time using the site, so we are very grateful that we had an excellent experience. Highly recommended!"


5 STAR VERIFIED STAY: "WOW, where do I start, I guess the meet & greet would be the best place. Desla appeared to be so knowledgeable about Mason's breed and she was so in tuned with is temperament and that was pretty impressive. She welcomed us into her home and she was both professional and attentive to Mason during our visit. Mason was happy, clean and in perfect shape each time I picked him up. The pictures messages and video's really helped with my anxiety about leaving Mason with strangers, whom he has now developed a relationship with and whom I consider really good people. Without a second thought I will always call on Desla and her family when Mason needs a home away from home. Thank you for everything Desla. ”

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Location will be disclosed for meet & greet for Pet Service Only!

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